Beware Teenagers:Momo Game may pose a threat to your life.


Hi all, today I am writing my new blog post as an attempt to spread awareness in teenagers. Last year you all might have heard about the “Blue Whale” suicidal game. This game caught the attention of almost every person across the globe. No doubt, teenagers are fond of playing online games, but these games are causing a threat to their safety. A new online threatening game has become the talk of the town. Let’s discover about the Momo game.



Highlights of Momo Game:

  • Momo, an online game targets young children over WhatsApp,Facebook, and YouTube etc.
  • Different threatening targets are given to the teenagers by using WhatsApp messenger like watching horror movies alone, waking up at unusual hours, and shooting suicidal videos.
  • The threatening targets are given to the teenagers by a controller over WhatsApp.
  • The picture of a sculpture is used to send several challenges to the teenagers. It is a grotesque image of half-bird and half-lady.
  • Momo challenge is a hoax to trap youngsters to extract their personal information.
  • Recently a 12-year-old teenage girl attempted suicide in Argentina near Buenos Aires. This alleged suicide attempt is linked to Momo Game.

What should parents do to deal with the mess?

It is extremely important to deal with this menace as soon as possible before it claims the life of teenagers on a large scale. Some important steps to distract teenagers from the evils of this game are mentioned below:


  • Parents should keep a vigil on the activities of their child.
  • Parents should start spending more time with their loving buds and must stand as an emotional support to them.
  • Make sure that your ward spends a decent time in outdoor activities.
  • Try to keep them distracted on various social media platforms.
  • Build an intimate bond with your child so that they can feel free to share anything with you.

Always remember your motive is not to suppress the teenagers, rather than your ambition is to keep them aware of the threats of online games.


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Some precautions for teenagers:

  • Teenagers should have a strong determination to come out of all this mess. Teenagers should understand:
  • Safety is a major concern rather than deriving pleasure from playing an online game.
  • If as a teenager, you are somehow trapped in these fishy activities of the Momo game, then you should immediately inform your elders.
  • Always understand life is the most precious gift given by God. So, don’t spoil it by indulging in an unnecessary trap.
  • To break the monotony of their life teenagers can make new friends and have fun with them. This will drastically reduce their dependency on the teenagers.
  • Do use social media sites if necessary but don’t be an addict to these social media sites.

All in all, security and security of a teenager is a collective responsibility of the parents and society. So, every person must put in maximum efforts to ensure the safety of their beloved teenagers.

Goa: A lively and mesmerizing place, how are you all? Living the same monotonous life and taking a sip of Joe with your family. Why not take this monotony out of your lives and do something crazy this evening. So, what about taking a visit of Goa right from the comfort of your home with me. So, let’s begin the journey of this enthralling destination with me.

If you all think along the lines that Goa is all about beaches, you are committing a blunder. It is much more than beautiful beaches, its rich culinary heritage, buzzing nightlife, rave parties, local markets, outstanding and panoramic views will leave you awestruck. Goa, a city that is mostly a mixture of Hindu and Christian culture is bifurcated into South Goa and North Goa. So, let’s have a glance what Goa has in treasury for us.

# Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is one of the most famous forts of Goa. The word Aguada means water and back then this fort housed much beautiful water spring inside it. People come to visit this place from across the globe and enjoy the presence of a lighthouse inside it. It is believed that this lighthouse was built in the 19th century.

#Chapora Fort:

Visiting this fort will fill you with a thrilling experience. The cool and soothing breeze coupled with gigantic walls will fill you with a lively experience forever. Indian movie ” Dil Chahta Hai” shooting took place at this beautiful fort and since then it is enjoying awesome popularity among its viewers. Sitting at Chapora fort you will get a clear view of Vagator beach which is just near this fort.


#Dudhsagar Waterfall:

The spectacular natural scenery along with breathtaking views of falling water makes the view of Dudhsagar waterfall the most thrilling experience of Goa. The tip is that you must reach as early as possible at the site of Dudhsagar waterfall. it does not matter whether you plan to take the online ticket for Dudhsagar waterfall or thinking of grabbing a ticket on reaching there, you must ensure reaching as early as possible because of long-queues awaiting for you. Have a glance at the beautiful and lively pictures of Dudhsagar waterfall.



Blue sea, Pristine water, and a soothing and serene environment will fill you with inner peace. There are lots of beaches that lure the attraction of people all over the world. The major attractions are:

#Baga beach:

If you want a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Baga beach is highly awaiting your presence. Its serene environment, white majestic waves touching your feet will make you feel the presence of heaven on earth. it’s a great place to enjoy either alone or with family. It’s late night views will give you an awesome feeling. The sights of tourist trying to catch the fish are quite common. You will love the placid and tranquil environment of this beach.


#Anjuna beach:

Anjuna beach is a paradise for water sports lovers as they can enjoy various watersports over there. Jet skiing and paragliding are the two most common activities you can have a sight at this beach. To shopping lovers also the Wednesday market of Anjuna beach is a major attraction. Hordes of visitors love to visit this place.

#Calangute Beach:

Encircled by palm and coconut beaches Calangute Beach just another paradise on earth. If you wish to enjoy outstanding views and great scenic views. then the Calangute beach is the must-visit place. It is also famous as “Queen of Paradise” among visitors.

#Dauna Paula Beach:

Dauna Paula beach which is also famous as lover’s paradise is also one of the most popular spots for couples. This beach draws in thousands of honeymoon couples from the entire world.


If you are a connoisseur of wine and seafood then Goa has a lot to offer. It’s collections of exotic wines and seafood especially fish will woo the heart of seafood lovers.


There are hordes of shopping places in Goa which are termed as a shopping paradise for the shopaholic. Have a glance at some of the famous markets:

#Flea market:

Anjuna beach’s Flea market is also known as shopper’s paradise. If you are looking for something unique and funky then this market is looking for your way. Every Wednesday is a huge rush of customers buying artificial jewelry wooden crafts, Junk jewelry etc. This is the most popular market of North Goa.

#Mapusa Market:

Well, if you want to cherish traditional Goan shopping then you can explore the Mapusa market on Friday morning. It will bring the antique and traditional Goa culture of Goa and you will feel the real heritage of Goa.

#Night life:

If you love night parties and wish to break the monotony of life then you will love the breathtaking rave parties that can increase the heartbeats of youngsters. You will get multiple spots for rave parties in a single lane. Nightclubs of Goa are to raise the heartbeats of honeymoon couples. Most of the couples are seen dancing to the tunes of lovely songs. Nightclubs are also a paradise for people who wish to spend time with their lovers. Various free entry and paid nightclubs are there to make your nights vibrant.


So, when are you making plans to visit Goa and if you like this blog or even dislike it I appreciate your patience and time to read it. So, wish to see your comments in the comment box. So, make merry and live life to the fullest.

7 must add spices to your life

“Be brave enough to embrace your life with happiness.”

Hi all, I hope you all are in fine spirits, enjoying life, making new memories day by day. Want to know about me, I am also great trying to add some great moments every day. So, before beginning my new post let me share something with you all. A thought always click in my mind now and then that eating the same cuisine every day makes life monotonous. To get rid of this, we add so many spices to it to change its flavor and make it more sumptuous. Similarly our life also passes from different phases sometimes we feel emotional and clad ourselves in the memories of our loved ones. Sometimes we get isolate ourselves from the world completely and a sense of despair overpowers us. Sometimes we tend to be just similar to a child and feels our childhood around us. And it also happens that sometimes negative feelings begins to over power us. Hence, sometimes we unknowingly add a pinch of monotony in our lives. So, my concern is actually what spices we must add to one’s life to make it happy forever. Happiness is bliss and how can one acquire this bliss throughout the life. So, let me tell you the different ways by doing which you will be make happiness your friend forever.

#1 Spend some time with Kids: Want to remain happy throughout your life. Believe me, your every single day will be full of happiness, excitement, and, and love if you add some spice to your life. So, the very first spice is you must learn to spend some time in the company of kids. Kids are the form of God and sometime in their company will fill you with energy, happiness, and spontaneity  of life. If you do this magic daily to your life the results will also be wonderful. You will definitely feel the difference. Experiment it at least for 30 days and give me the feedback.


#2. Spend sometime in orphanage:There goes a popular saying that the company of deprived people teaches us the value of life. The more we spend time with such people, the more we get close to our lives and able to value our lives. If today is your birthday, anniversary, or any such occasion just visit any orphanage and spend sometime with these deprived children. Their happiness will touch your soul and it will make you happy without any reason. Besides this, from your busy like hell schedule give some time to your old aged grandparents or parents daily. If you are lucky to reside with them then give 15 minutes daily to them. Just ask them about their experience of lives. If you are not able to visit them just communicate with them via video calls. You will feel their presence.index

#3. Learn to surprise yourself: So, remember you have to add some spice to your life. So, lets do it by surprising yourself. Are you completely confused on reading this. How can we surprise ourselves. Since childhood we have learned to surprise ourselves then how can we can make ourselves surprising. Believe me, this can happen anytime. You can make yourself surprising by giving yourself an unexpected gift. What about gifting yourself your favorite chocolate. By the way, I am a die hard fan of chocolates. Mention your choices in the comment box too.


#4 Bring a change to your looks: Appearance matters a lot. It can also be a cause of your happiness. So, why don’t add some spice to your life bringing a drastic change in your appearance.  A makeover in looks will give you a sense of confidence and definitely will bring charm and positivity in life.


#5. Learn to give back to society: Want to fill your life with a sense of real happiness?  Struggling towards how can you do it. Don’t worry, where there is a will, there is a way. So one thing you can do to add spice to your life is learn to give back to society. You are a part and parcel of the society. So, learn to give back to society by doing some graceful things like start giving classes to some unprivileged child. It will fill you with an eternal bliss.

#6 Smile for no reason: Are you among those who wants some reason to smile. Don’t hunt for any reason and learn to smile for no reason. Spread your smile and happiness to every people you meet. This will add another spice to your life and will make you happy forever.


#7 Bring some treasures in life:Do you think your life will be perfect by earning money. Money can buy everything but not happiness. So, leave sometime for yourself and enjoy treasures of life, just be close to nature, roam in parks, garden sometimes alone, sometimes with your life partner. Be happy in each and every situation.

So, I hope you will follow these tips. Once you follow these, do let me know will it make any difference to your life or not. Be happy and healthy. Will connect with you soon with my next post. So, smile please.



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Depression: Causing terrible consequences

Hi all, I am back with my next post after a long period of time. No excuses for this delay, and I hope you all are extremely enjoying and taking the most out of this life, which is a gift bestowed to us by God. Some people do we receive this gift from God, but why they are not able to live it in a true sense? This question may intrigue many of us at different times. To explore this why and how I decided to reconnect to my readers and pen down my new blog.

I myself have gone through the rocky roads of life and devastating effects of depression. Sometimes, it is really horrible to understand that life has planned some different things for us and this may trigger a sense of negativity and disgruntled. Life can result in some emotional setbacks also, and everyone cannot deal with all this by keeping the environment serene. If this negative feeling persists for a long period of time, it can result in the horrible consequences. Yes, the technology has become advanced across the globe and we have devised effective remedies to the grave physical ailments also. So, before I proceed further, let me ask a question how many of you are able to notice your mental illness? A handful of people only, Alas! This fact is really sad, but it is a bitter truth. This is also revealed by the WHO Report in its findings. Two major findings of the Report on mental illness propounded by world health organisation are as follows:

“Depression is the single largest contributor to the global disability”.

” India is the sixth most Depressed countries of the world” according to the WHO mental health report as per 2018.

Being an Indian national, I am also feeling disheartened to know these grave facts about depression.

# Do you feel blue regularly? Some signs you must note:

Feeling sad and dysfunctional at a certain time can be a direct outcome of certain inevitable circumstances. If these circumstances persist for a long-term, it can play havoc with your life. So, decide yourself by asking a couple of question from yourself:

# Do you observe anxiety and restless while performing the routine course of your life?

# A change in routine is not able to excite you and you keep on feeling blue.

# Is your diet intake is fluctuating and either you are accustomed to eating excessively or eating quite less at the other time?


# Do you observe mood swings at different times and the intensity of these mood swings is really disturbing your daily routines and operations?

# Do you feel negative about yourself most of the time?

# Your negative attitude is affecting your work productivity and you are not able to give your best in your relations as well.

# The thoughts of committing suicide hit your mind incessantly.

# You feel a sense of sluggishness and loss of interest in different activities.

# You love to remain socially aloof and feels isolated from the entire world. Your room is your world. Lying on your bed idle is your favourite pass time.

# You are always surrounded by excessive worries.

# Frequent outbursts of anger dominate your life.

So, do your mental health introspection by giving genuine answers to your questions. If the answer to most of the question is positive, depression has already rung the bell in your life. You really need to accept this bitter truth that you are a victim of depression and should immediately visit a psychologist.

#How to help the loved ones in battling depression?

Depression can strike anyone: a teenager, an adult, a pregnant lady, a workaholic. It does not spare anyone and really have frightful consequences for the concerned person and his or her family. People really want to help their loved ones. They find themselves in a state of enigma as depression is still considered as a social taboo in most of the countries of the world.

So, The following steps can turned out to be the life saver for the persons who are presently stacked in the vicious circle of depression:


# Start giving exclusive attention to the person who is depressed. Your company will mean a lot to a person who is fighting from the menace of depression.

# Care, love, and time will slowly heal the wounds of the people and they will be restoring their self-confidence and dignity.

# Even if you find the person morally wrong, keep granting your support. Remember your goal you have to save a precious life. Life is more valuable than tolerating any misconduct.

# Start healthy conversations with the concerned victim and motivate the person to bring new ideas and opinions. It will make the person more active socially.

# Starting playing indoor and outdoor games with the diseased person. Don’t tolerate any initial denial. Remember after showing initial reluctance, many people, later on, subdue to your demand.

So, just keep on trying. Your continuous efforts will make a positive difference to the sufferer’s lives.

The discussion over this topic is unceasing and I have so much more to say. So, for today, just identify the symptoms of depression in you and your loved ones. I hope my post will assist you in deciding whether you are a victim of depression or not. So, ponder over these questions till tomorrow until I bring some more valuable information on the most debated topic ever.